Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Browsing Wordtanks and More in Akihabra

We saw these high-tech bathroom scales in one of the 250 electronics/appliance stores near Tokyo's Akihabra train station.

The scales do everything but Skype with your nutritionist.

We were in Akihabra because hubby wanted a new Canon Wordtank electronic dictionary. While he shopped, the rest of us walked through aisles and aisles of the latest gadgets for office/home, kitchen, and bathroom.

During the week, you have to dodge traffic and crowds to cross the street in Akihabra. On Sundays, the main street is turned into a pedestrian mall. If you're in Tokyo, this is a must-see area!
    - MBW

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  1. Americans don't know what we're missing! Japanese toilet seats play music , warm up, have different types of water saving flushes and even light up like night lights. Wow.